Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Filling the house

When we moved last year, we didn't downsize like we had planned.
The house had been up for sale for a day, we walked through it that night and bought it.  Love at first sight and we could see the potential it had.  Mark and I built the last house together when we merged our two families together (7 of us all together).  It was a new house and a totally different style.
The house we bought was built in 1959 and I just felt it needed some "not so new" pieces in it.  I loved the pulls on this dresser, (and no not because they were painted gold)...just big old round, wooden pulls.  It's one of the first pieces I finished and it sits in our family room now.
Here is the before and after...
How I bought it
Starting to paint with chalk paint

Love the little details


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